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As a sameday courier our job is to deliver your parcels, packages and pallets, intact and on time. But for many clients we take that extra step and when we’re delivering technical items such as computers, computer components and exhibition and display materials, our technical couriers can often be found connecting them or fully installing them.

It just makes sense for our customers that our highly trained technical couriers install the deliveries they make rather than waiting for an independent “expert” to attend. In real simple terms, having delivered a replacement PC or printer then why not plug it in and have a real time confirmation that the solution is operational, and the end customer satisfied with the first-time fix?

From a more detailed perspective, modern retail display systems are highly complex and are designed to captivate the consumer and illicit a purchase. However, fragile to deliver and complicated for store staff to install they are often beyond the scope of standard delivery solutions and it’s at this point that being able to call upon experienced technical couriers makes the difference between a “just about” and “just perfect” delivery and installation solution.

Exceed‘s technical couriers have a vast depth of experience in everything from basic desk top office PC and printer “swap outs”, to delivery and installation of computer game consoles and kiosks, to entire pop up shops. Whether it’s a simple cardboard FSU that must be positioned on a certain perspective, a full wall mounted build, or a very pink and bijou, Parisian boudoir event stand (on Park Lane, London of all places) we have the experience and technical skills to ensure you get the desired result.

Whatever your specific technical courier, or delivery and installation requirement, Exceed have a wealth of experience building bespoke solutions to fit your exacting needs. 5 sites or 5000; Exceed have the experience, skills and capacity to make your roll-out happen.

Contact us to discuss how we can become your ideal technical couriers.


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