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As a sameday courier our job is to deliver your parcels, packages and pallets, intact and on time. But for many clients we take that extra step and when we’re delivering technical items such as computers, computer components and exhibition and display materials, our technical couriers can often be found connecting them or fully installing them. It just makes sense for our customers that our highly trained technical couriers install the deliveries they make rather than waiting for an independent “expert” to…

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Welcome to our blog….

Welcome to our Sameday Courier blog.. Fast, flexible and cost effective – same day courier and dedicated delivery solutions from Exceed Sameday Couriers. We really believe that everyone deserves an absolutely outstanding delivery service, so we’ve made it our life’s work to ensure that when you book with us, that’s exactly what you get.  Need to send it now? Need it there today? No problem! Instant on-line quotes; book and pay online – your important sameday deliveries collected within the hour! The team here…

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