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Proof of Delivery

Proof of Delivery – what is it? The humble Proof of Delivery, the simple P.O.D. (let’s get this straight before we go any further – it’s P.O.D. and never POD as in iPOD), so often overlooked and rarely credited with being as crucial to the delivery cycle as it is. Viewed by many as just a receipt for goods as delivered from one location or organisation to another. “Get something signed, anything will do” is often the case. But really, is it…

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Technical Couriers

As a sameday courier our job is to deliver your parcels, packages and pallets, intact and on time. But for many clients we take that extra step and when we’re delivering technical items such as computers, computer components and exhibition and display materials, our technical couriers can often be found connecting them or fully installing them. It just makes sense for our customers that our highly trained technical couriers install the deliveries they make rather than waiting for an independent “expert” to…

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A Great Courier Service?

We’ve recently been trying to pin down exactly what customers really want from a great courier service? Shouldn’t be too hard to answer should it? Is it just down to the price? Or, conversely, up to quality of the service? Speed in making the collection and same day delivery perhaps? Or simply knowing that the right vehicles are always available to them? Many people would prefer to pay as little as possible to have their parcels and pallets delivered by a courier…

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