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Not Next Day Delivery

Not Next Day Delivery Okay; so, we’ve talked in length about the huge differences between same day courier services and over night or next day couriers back in March. However; a situation occurred recently that perfectly demonstrates why, often, it pays to bite the bullet and pay for a dedicated delivery service. Many of us enjoy the simple pleasure of the bi-annual “smart phone upgrade day”; when we sit excitedly waiting for the next day delivery man to turn up with the…

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Kentucky Fried Cock-up………….

Kentucky Fried Cock-up …………..Somewhere mid-2017 and the team at KFC Towers are brainstorming ideas to reduce costs and improve service levels for their legions of deep fried, crispy crumbed fanatics….. “I’ve got it!” “Let’s move logistics from our trusted long-term, specialist niche food logistics partner, to a company with a very questionable reputation in the food delivery industry?” “Will it be cheaper? And better?” “Well that’s what they said….” Okay – lets hope that isn’t what really happened (but, hey, you never…

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