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Proof of Delivery

Proof of Delivery – what is it? The humble Proof of Delivery, the simple P.O.D. (let’s get this straight before we go any further – it’s P.O.D. and never POD as in iPOD), so often overlooked and rarely credited with being as crucial to the delivery cycle as it is. Viewed by many as just a receipt for goods as delivered from one location or organisation to another. “Get something signed, anything will do” is often the case. But really, is it…

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Secure Courier Service

It’s unfortunately become the norm to open the paper or switch on the news and learn of yet another high-profile data breach or “information hack”. From Dun and Bradstreet to Equifax, and Ebay to the NHS, it seems that none of our formerly trusted organisations can keep our private and personal data out of the public domain……. worse still out of the hands of internet miscreants! What’s a little scarier, and rather more personal, is that data breaches aren’t limited to the…

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