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Busy Couriers

We’re always on the go here at Exceed – par for the course for busy couriers – but you may be surprised with just how hectic our delivery schedules really can be…. or the range of goods that we routinely carry. To give you a little flavour of an average week, take a look at the activity of one of our small vans based out of our North Wales office……. Conwy to Cambridge with water samples for analysis, Huntingdon to London with…

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Secure Courier Service

It’s unfortunately become the norm to open the paper or switch on the news and learn of yet another high-profile data breach or “information hack”. From Dun and Bradstreet to Equifax, and Ebay to the NHS, it seems that none of our formerly trusted organisations can keep our private and personal data out of the public domain……. worse still out of the hands of internet miscreants! What’s a little scarier, and rather more personal, is that data breaches aren’t limited to the…

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