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It’s unfortunately become the norm to open the paper or switch on the news and learn of yet another high-profile data breach or “information hack”. From Dun and Bradstreet to Equifax, and Ebay to the NHS, it seems that none of our formerly trusted organisations can keep our private and personal data out of the public domain……. worse still out of the hands of internet miscreants!

What’s a little scarier, and rather more personal, is that data breaches aren’t limited to the internet and are happening all around us – and all the time. Lost USB sticks, repurposed computer hard drives, paper records in unsealed filing boxes sent through overnight parcels networks…… you get the idea. Unfortunately, the largest repository of PII (Personally Identifiable Information), our beloved NHS, is one of the worst offenders which is rather unsettling given that they even have their own version of the Internationally recognised ISO:27001 Information Security standard!

In response to information governance issues faced by many businesses, institutions and public-sector bodies, and contrary to some providers, Exceed maintain a secure courier service enabling safe and confidential distribution of urgent, priority and private items such as legal documents and court papers, passports, credit cards and keys and medical records and samples.

Exceed’s Secure Courier Services are provided under an umbrella of stringent security, following the principles of ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus, and are designed to ensure the ongoing security of premises, vehicles and personnel and, crucially, the safety, confidentiality and integrity of our client’s property and data. In fact, our practices mirror the requirements of the UK Cabinet Office Security Policy Framework and as such, where applicable, our fleet employs the following advanced measures:

  • Forward facing cameras with GPS capability
  • GPS tracking
  • Fixed solid bulkheads or Caged bulkheads
  • Central locking and Slam locks
  • Immobilisers and alarm systems

In addition to these high level physical measures, our highly trained drivers work to standardised, documented operating procedures that include instructions such as:

  • Vehicles are not left unmanned and are locked, immobilised and alarms armed.
  • During transit, central locking is activated preventing the doors being opened from outside
  • Drivers must maintain the ability to make voice communications in addition to GPS tracking.
  • On secure journeys drivers carry “Police Stop” cards should they be pulled over. This advises the officers that the driver will not open the doors until they have followed them to the nearest Police station.
  • Drivers should undertake a risk assessment on each parking; paying special attention to persons loitering or acting in any suspicious manner.
  • Drivers always mark their PDA devices as “arrived at” when first stopping at a collection or delivery point; this highlights to Operations staff that a vehicle has begun the collection or delivery process. Should there be an excessive pause before the job status is moved to “delivered” or “collected” this would raise suspicions and initiate an investigation by the Operations staff.

Simply put, we’ve developed our secure courier solutions over many years and we firmly believe that we’re best placed to assist any organisation that recognises the importance of information security. If that sounds like your organisation then don’t hesitate to get in touch; our team would welcome the opportunity to provide an analysis of your current provisions, and to outline how our solutions could ensure your adherence to industry best practice. Call us now on 0330 221 0519!


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