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Not Next Day Delivery

Okay; so, we’ve talked in length about the huge differences between same day courier services and over night or next day couriers back in March. However; a situation occurred recently that perfectly demonstrates why, often, it pays to bite the bullet and pay for a dedicated delivery service.

Many of us enjoy the simple pleasure of the bi-annual “smart phone upgrade day”; when we sit excitedly waiting for the next day delivery man to turn up with the very latest in telecoms wizardry. Counting down the minutes until we can swap one perfectly good phone for the next, wildly more expensive version of the same thing, simply because it’s the latest model. For my sins, I’m no different!

I’d elected to work from home on the day in question, pretty much because the overnight carrier – DPD in this case – required a signature for the delivery and by staying at home I could be sure to be in. 9am rolls round and the much awaited “delivery window notification” pings in, kindly advising that my assigned driver, Geraint, will be with me between 12 and 1. Not long now then….

12 noon rolls round, as does 1pm. No knock at the door and no delivery. 5 past 1 and an email pings in “You weren’t at home when we tried to deliver”. What? When? Where? I live at the end of a cul-de-sac of five houses and my office is at the front overlooking the road; nothing has been down my road, nobody has attempted a delivery. How could they, they haven’t been? Where’s my new phone!!!

Back to the email – what are my options? Redeliver tomorrow (they haven’t delivered today if we’re going split hairs) or I can call at the depot after 6pm tonight. It’s 30 plus miles away so that’s not happening. There’s a phone number to call but speaking to a real human is clearly not an option available to mere mortals such as customers……

After finally tracking down an illicit list of internal numbers for DPD a very pleasant lady did, in fact, answer the phone and advise me that the driver had called at my address and I wasn’t in, and he had taken a picture of the front door to prove his actions. When asked to avail me of the image she joyfully confirmed that she had no idea what the picture represented – but when I described the rustic front arched porch way of my neighbour’s property across the fields we did indeed have a match.

Not being one to beat around the bush I suggested to the very pleasant lady that the driver, having clearly not been anywhere near my front door, should return forthwith with my now overdue delivery. Clearly missing the point of our conversation, she advised that as one delivery attempt had been made on the day (seemingly it was irrelevant that the attempt was not at the right house) he could not return and would “have another go tomorrow”. I was then advised that, as my phone number was on the box anyway, if there were any problems tomorrow the driver would give me a call…………. really?

The upshot of this was that my much-anticipated new phone turned up at 3pm the following day with a different driver, one who must have passed sat-nav school perhaps. Not next day delivery and a wholly frustrating way to spend a day. Okay – its just a phone, I’ve already got one that’s perfectly good and the reality is that this was just annoying, inconvenient and silly.

But what if it wasn’t my new phone? What, for example, if it was a high value tender that had to be submitted by 1pm on the original delivery day? What if that failed delivery prevented the tender being submitted against a multi-million-pound opportunity? That wouldn’t be inconvenient and silly – that could affect the future of the company? Next day delivery prices are often very attractive – £10 to £20 for “guaranteed 9am delivery” sounds great but what would the true cost be for non-delivery, or delivery a day later?

It could be something as simple as a small item for a valued customer, or the first order for a new customer, or anything where not delivering to schedule has any consequences. If the delivery point cannot be reached, or as in my case the driver simply gets the address wrong, that important consignment is going nowhere but back to the depot at the end of the day and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. As good as the overnight parcel networks are, if it absolutely, categorically has to be there then there is always a risk with a parcel carrier as there are so many factors in play and so many other customers’ parcels that have to be delivered.

Send something with a Same day courier and you have peace of mind that, should there be an issue at the delivery point, you will receive a telephone call advising of the situation and requesting your instructions to move forwards. No return to depot at the end of the day, no card through the door and hope for the best – delivery guaranteed.

If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation then give us a call to discuss how we can assist with your urgent, sensitive and time critical deliveries; delivery (and satisfaction) guaranteed!

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