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Medical Courier Services

Exceed’s specialist medical courier, hospital courier and pathology courier solutions have been developed over many years working both for and alongside private and public-sector (NHS) healthcare providers. Providing a flexible yet cost effective solution to the transport needs of clinics, heath centres and GP’s surgeries, hospital trusts and private pathology laboratories, our services are vastly more responsive that the traditional “in-house” transport service.

Transporting items as varied as pharmaceuticals, pathology samples, consumables and blood, Exceed provide a secure transport chain with a full audit trail and transparent workflow. Experienced drivers, trained to GDP standards, and operating to written “Model Rules” and best practice technical agreements, we ensure compliance with Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) and Clinical Pathology Accreditation CPA regulatory requirements.

Pathology Courier Services

Our pathology courier services are designed in accordance with the requirements of paragraph 5.4.5 (Sample Transportation) of ISO 15189:2012 “Medical laboratories — Requirements for Quality and Competence”; thereby ensuring that accredited facilities receive a compliant, validated medical courier service.

All staff are GMP carriage of blood and blood component trained, ensuring ongoing compliance with the Blood Quality and Safety Regulations 2005, and carry approved spillage kits where necessary. All services are provided under the umbrella of a comprehensive Operational Continuity Plan to ensure the stability of our critical service provisions.


  • Radio pathology samples
  • Diagnostic pathology samples
  • Formalin fixed pathology specimens
  • Frozen / chilled samples
  • Histology samples
  • Cytology samples
  • Microbiology samples


Hospital Courier Services

As providers of a comprehensive suite of hospital courier services our drivers collect and deliver a vast array of items; from x rays and medical records to therapeutic items to the homes of patients recently discharged.


  • Courier link between hospitals and laboratories
  • Dedicated courier services
  • Movement of pathology samples
  • Movement of blood supplies
  • Secure movement of data
  • Internal mail sortation and distribution
  • Courier movement of equipment
  • Scheduled or on demand service
  • Delivery of X-rays
  • Patient records couriers
  • Secure movement of data
  • Hospital to home therapeutic equipment services
  • Hospital pharmacy solutions
  • Short notice urgent wholesaler direct to pharmacy service for unlicensed medicines
  • Pharmacy to care home solutions
  • Temperature sensitive services for thermo-liable items